TPM Department

Monitoring and Evaluation Department

Any project cannot acquire high-value unless it lays the relevance and effectiveness and its impact on the communities in which the project is working on its service standards. So the Eastern Mediterranean Institute conducts the functions of monitoring and evaluation in accordance with international standards and guiding principles. Where the institute is committed to verify the quality of work and the involvement of the monitoring and evaluation team starting from the program design phase

The development of clear theories from the beginning facilitates evaluating the appropriateness of initiatives and activities of the project, and enhances the focus on the changes that we seek to achieve with the parties concerned and to converting them into targets and indicators clearly providing the ability to measure the results. The team prepares a monitoring plan specific to each project shows the quality and impact of programs and contribute to the assessment and evaluation.

And conduct monitoring and evaluation in conjunction with the project teams to be able to employ their recommendations to make decisions on the ground and ensure the conditioning programs with the changes within the context and framework of implementation.

The team on a regular basis does the monitoring and evaluation of all training and efforts to build capacity in addition to the equipment available through continuous follow-up with the beneficiaries of projects. In other words, fully aware of the Institute and training functions and uses of equipment and what is the actual impact in the targeted communities.

And includes the approved monitoring approaches:

Direct monitoring


Research groups

Photography \ Video

Project documents review


Secondary data review



The EMI seeks to analyze programs and projects by asking the following questions:

1. Have we accomplished what we promised to implement it?

2. Have we made a difference?

3. Have we done the right to work?

Performance Evaluation

performance evaluation is considered of the complements of the monitoring process which is made after each of its stages, and it is to express an opinion whether the work done in general has been done in satisfactory manner or not, taking into account the aspects of the proposal and the shortcomings that have occurred, then take a set of recommendations, instructions and aspects of good development and processing, as well as reward and punishment.

It is not appropriate to believe that the performance evaluation process is separate from the monitoring process, or they are in the final stage of which it is an inherent part of each of the monitoring particles, a basis for correct decision-making